Directory - Investors

Gabriel Gurovich

Has a Civil Industrial Electrical Engineer degree from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile and obtained a Postgraduate Degree at Singularity University. Gabriel is a serial and transversal entrepreneur, a founder of DreamLine Power Solutions, The FoodLinks, Tambo. He has recently re-undertaken in the online world with Snapp and power generation with Peat Energy. He also serves as president of Cuponatic LATAM, collaborates as a mentor and exhibitor at the Founder Institute, Mentors Network of the Innovation Forum and Startup Chile. He has also developed his vein of lecturer in innumerable instances related to the entrepreneurship and innovation where he has been invited to expose his ideas and vision.

His areas of interest are varied, but a common element that he considers to evaluate projects is the ability to generate a very high impact on people’s lives.

*Current board member of ChileGlobal Angels 2017

In charge of the committee of Marketing and Institutional Relations.

The Director in charge of this committee will be responsible for supervising and supporting the efforts of the Staff in the following processes:

  1. Management of institutional relations with the different entities similar or related to the Essential Definitions of the Network and in general associated with the national and international risk capital.
  2. Management of communication channels that allow the dissemination and advocacy of investments and activities carried out by CGA.
  3. Generation of opportunities that tend to deliver an education in themes of investment and risk capital to the Members of the Network.
  4. Management of relationships with institutional partners and generating new partnerships so long as these are required or convenient.
  5. Obtaining sponsors for the Network.